“R&D is the most expensive resource of a company, not because of the cost of development or staff but because of the immeasurable cost of developing the wrong thing - the opportunity cost of not having the killer product.  I believe every company can have the killer product - they just need to find it, commit to it and develop it.”

Colin Dobbyne, founder of Big Blue Solutions product development consultancy


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There are many ways to grow a business: acquisition, mergers, diversification or relentless investment in marketing. There are also many business consultants that can help companies with all of the aforementioned, but very few can help companies with one of the most exciting and rewarding methods of growth: market disruption by innovation.

A disruptive innovation turns an existing market and value network on its head, creating a new market and value network. Eventually, established market-leading firms, products, and alliances are displaced, making way for something completely new.

Bringing something completely new to market to meet a genuine need that people possibly never even realised they had – it’s the kind of thing that makes a product developer’s pulse race.

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Innovation is a great way to increase the appeal of a product, and if marketing and sales are doing their job, increase market share and turnover - done well, it can provide the greatest return on investment.

Some innovations are in the sweet spot where the product has a strong customer base but is still in its infancy, where streams of innovations and upgrades are welcome.  Other innovations are a leap of faith, something brand new to the market - designed to disrupt it.

Product innovation has its hidden dangers, from having little or no effect all the way to being completely catastrophic.  Some innovations are merely dressing-up a long-standing product and the benefit to the end-user is dubious to say the least.


Where businesses have more than one product line, choosing which product to innovate can be a challenge. Another common problem is how to resist the temptation to deploy R&D resources to firefight immediate sales targets on one-off projects or short-term solutions, rather than keeping the focus on the product innovation.

Big Blue Solutions believes the key to investing in innovation is to measure the potential impact to long-term consumer welfare.  We can help clients focus and target the R&D budget where it will have the most impact, and create and design new products or upgrades that not only offer more to the users but to the many other considerations of the business.



Colin Dobbyne, founder of Big Blue Solutions, combines that rare blend of commercial awareness, entrepreneurial business experience and a strong multi-disciplined technical background.

His knowledge and experience means Big Blue Solutions is ideally positioned to work with you in two ways: as a system design consultant, providing businesses and organisations with efficient and complete technical solutions, or as a product development consultant, bringing new ideas to life from identification and refinement of market requirements, through product conception and development to market launch.



Industry 4.0 allows computers to connect and communicate with one another, to ultimately make decisions without human involvement. By collecting huge amounts of date that can inform maintenance, performance and other issues, and processing it in a fraction of the time it would take a human, Industry 4.0 empowers systems to optimise their operations quickly and efficiently by knowing what needs attention.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a key component of Industry 4.0.  Bringing together networks, devices and data, it allows devices on closed private Internet connections to communicate with other devices, facilitating the sharing of data across different networking types.  This opens the doors to an entirely new and effective way to gather information, analyse it and create an action. According to Morgan Stanley projections, 75 billion devices will be connected to the IoT by 2020.

The Ethernet is the foundation of the IoT, with Ethernet/IP creating the best protocol for AV.  TheSDVoE, which stands for “Software Defined Video over Ethernet”, is a non-profit consortium of technology providers, collaborating to standardise the adoption of Ethernet to transport AV signals in professional AV environments, and to create an ecosystem around SDVoE technology, allowing software to define AV applications.


In 2019, SDVoE design partner Colin Dobbyne was invited to InfoComm to deliver a presentation on the use of SDVoE in the operating room.

Big Blue Solutions is now an SDVoE design partner, joining a select group of international consultants and designerswho can provide guidance to integrators, installers and end users in leveraging the SDVoE standard for high performance AV network deployments in education, healthcare, enterprise, entertainment, hospitality, retail, houses of worship, government, military, industry and security.

For more information on the SDVoE Alliance, visit https://sdvoe.org/